What to Do If Your Dishwasher Breaks Down

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When to Repair Broken-Down Domestic Appliances

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People use various types of domestic appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and TVs to make everyday life enjoyable and a lot easier. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that broken-down appliances are a major source of stress and inconvenience in the home. The biggest decision that homeowners have to make when a household appliance breaks down is whether to repair or replace the appliance. Appliance repair professionals can fix almost any faulty appliance, but they do not also shy away from advising their clients to replace a broken-down appliance altogether in certain situations.

Read on below to find out when you're better off repairing a broken-down appliance instead of replacing it:

When the appliance is covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Most appliance manufacturers sell their products under warranty. A manufacturer warranty is essentially a written promise to a customer/buyer that the manufacturer of a given product will repair or replace any defective product if necessary before expiration of a specified date. If your appliance breaks down within the warrantied period, it is best to take it for repair service because your manufacturer will foot the repair bill entirely. Keep in mind that your warranty will only be valid as long as you don't breach any of the terms and conditions specified by your appliance manufacturer. 

When minor repairs are required.

If your appliance repairs are not covered under warranty, and they are minor, it is best to have the repairs performed. If the repairs are major, and will cost you a significant chunk of the amount you paid when purchasing the appliance, you'd be better off replacing the appliance. This is because you would need to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket and you wouldn't want your repair bill to almost match the initial amount you spent buying the appliance. 

When the appliance is antique.

If your appliance is a collector's item that would be hard to replace, it would be smart choice to repair it. However, the appliance should still have several years of service life left in it so as to justify the costs your incur fixing it. 

If you're confronted with any of these situations, you will be better off hiring an appliance repair expert rather than shopping around for a new appliance. However, keep in mind that preventative maintenance and proper use of domestic appliances is the best way to minimise repair issues that may arise out of everyday use of the appliances.