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How to Reduce Sewing Machine Repair Costs

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You can reduce how often you take your sewing machine to a repair technician by implementing several simple steps. This article discusses some of those measures which can reduce the frequency of needing sewing machine repair.

Use the Right Size of Needle

Some people keep taking their sewing machines to a repair shop because they think that there is an unknown problem which is causing the sewing needles to keep breaking. However, this problem can easily be fixed by making sure that you use the correct size of needle for the specific material you are sewing. For example, a needle size intended for lighter fabrics, such as silk, will break each time it is used to sew a heavier fabric, such as denim. Check the manual of your machine and select the recommended size of needle for the different types of fabrics.

Clean the Machine

The tension assembly and the bobbin area of your sewing machine can eventually be compromised by the accumulation of lint and dust if you don't clean your machine frequently. It is therefore advisable for you to clean out that machine in accordance with your usage habits. For example, make it a routine to clean the machine on a weekly basis in case you use it each day. Monthly cleanings are sufficient for sewing machines which are only used for a few days each week. Ask a professional to service and clean your sewing machine periodically, such as quarterly.

Work With the Machine

How do you handle the fabric as the sewing machine is working? Some people have a habit of exerting some force to pull the fabric from behind in order to make that fabric go through the machine faster. This method exerts a lot of stress on the machine and it will break down more frequently. Don't force the machine to work faster. Hold the fabric gently as the feed dogs keep the fabric moving on its path as it is sewn.

Install Needles Correctly

Many trips to the repair shop can also be avoided if one could pay more attention to the way in which a needle should be installed in a sewing machine. Needles have a flat side or a groove where the thread will rest. That flat or grooved side should be placed on the correct side for that particular machine. Read the manual of your machine and identify where the flat/grooved side goes. This will prevent many of the situations when the machine skips stitches or doesn't stitch in the expected way.

As you can see, paying more attention to the fundamentals of using a sewing machine can avert many problems that require a service call by a repair technician. Contact professionals for Brother sewing machine repairs, or repairs for other brands, if you have corrected the issues above.