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3 Ways to Fix a Leaking Fridge Freezer Unit

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When your refrigerator develops a leak, there are three easy checks and repairs you can undertake before calling out a specialist. Leaks are mainly caused by a poor connection or a clog, preventing water passage.

In a majority of cases, these three repair tips will solve the issue. However, if you cannot stop the leak after attempting these three fixes, have your unit checked over by a repair company.

1. Check the Levelling

Many people fail to notice that their refrigeration unit is either sitting on a small incline on the floorboards or has developed a lean to one side. However, it is quite difficult to notice minor changes as you go about your routine.

Get a spirit level and lay it on the top of the fridge. If the bubble is off centre at all, the fridge has a tilt. This can cause water to spill out of the pan under the fridge instead of evaporating.

To correct this, use the screws at the bottom front of the unit; usually, they are hidden by a grill or some covering. There is a screw in the left corner and right corner of the unit. Try adjusting these to level the fridge, and keep referring to the level as a guide.

2. Check for a Blocked Water Supply Line

The water supply line is usually situated behind the ice maker in a fridge. Remove this unit—you may have to use a screwdriver—and as you pull it from the wall of the fridge, you will see a small pipe outlet on the wall. This is the water supply line, and ice can block it; causes the water to leak as it cannot enter the ice making machine. Check the inside of the pipe, and use a thin and sharp tool to remove any ice you see. You may use a warm hair dryer to remove the ice you cannot reach.

3. Check for a Blocked Drain Tube

A blocked drain tube in the freezer can also cause a water leak. At the back of the unit, remove the cover panel—it is usually next to the coils. In some models, you will need to remove screws holding the panel in place. The drain tube will be on the back side of the area. To unblock it, use a small piece of piping like a straw and place one end down the hole, while you blow through the other end. If you don't have such piping, you can use a regular bicycle pump to clear it.

If the leak continues, it may be something more serious and technical causing the problem.