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How to Look after Your Brand-New Coffee Machine

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If your idea of heaven is spending an hour or so sitting in a sidewalk cafe and sipping espresso, then you may want to recreate this dream at home with something like an Expobar coffee machine. You've been trying to learn the trade, so that you can recreate the magic of cafe coffee in the privacy of your kitchen, but while you may be ready to buy this equipment, you must also know how to look after it. Why is this crucial and what should you do?

Satisfying the Senses

People say that coffee drinking is a feast for the senses. To achieve this, you will obviously want to ensure that your taste buds are satisfied, but your drink will need to look the part and present that all-important aroma or you're going to be drawn back to the cafe instead. Remember, the proprietors put a lot of effort into the way they present their coffee and much of this has to do with equipment maintenance.


Begin by establishing a routine and make sure that you clean the machine carefully at least once per day, assuming daily use. This means that you have to back-flush to get rid of any sediment, as a buildup will significantly affect quality in a short space of time. When you do this, you will notice how clear the water becomes when you initiate the flushing process, but you should not stop there.

Experts advise that you should let some proprietary cleaner sit in the machine for a few minutes so that it soaks up any unwarranted residue or oil and gives your regular cleaning process a boost. Do this additional step at least once per week.

Water Quality

Don't fall into the habit of using ordinary tap water in your machine, as this will introduce all kinds of impurities to your mix. You should only use filtered water that is as soft as possible. Not only will this make the coffee taste better, but it will make your machine last a lot longer.

Screens and Baskets

Above all else, make sure that you familiarise yourself with the way the machine works. The screens can easily become blocked and will need to be cleaned regularly and you need to make sure that the basket is cared for properly.


You will also need to ensure that the steam can build up and escape correctly and this also requires a simple but comprehensive cleaning process, depending on your level of usage.

Getting a Service

If all else fails and your new machine is not cooperating with you, bring in an expert as soon as possible so that you can get your coffee fix once again.