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Techniques for Purifying Air at Home

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The quality of air within your home is often overlooked. Most homeowners struggle with breathing complications, respiratory diseases and allergies as a result of poor indoor air quality. Indeed, when the air in the home is excessively humid, filled with allergens such as mould spores and fungi, or is poorly ventilated, it can lead to health complications.

One of the best ways to purify air in the home is by investing in air conditioning repair. Repairing your A/C or giving it a tune-up can significantly improve indoor air quality.

Combine a well functional air conditioner with the following strategies to purify the air in your home.

Proper Ventilation

The first step towards purifying poor quality air in the home is by ensuring the property is properly ventilated. This means facilitating the free flow of air inside and outside the property at all times. When air is being properly circulated, you prevent the growth of mould and the trapping of humid air within the home.

To achieve proper ventilation, occasionally open your windows (preferably at night), use a fan during the day to circulate air and use filters to trap foreign objects. Your air conditioner plays an important role in ventilating the home. Make sure your unit is functioning properly and get air conditioning repair services if necessary.

Using air filters

Air filters (such as HEPA air filters) are very useful for trapping contaminants from the surrounding air. These filters physically restrain dust, debris and mould spores from penetrating the home.

In addition, UV filters use UV beams to kill organic air contaminants such as dust mites and mould/fungi. Using these in combination with your air conditioner can significantly purify air in the home.

Ensure proper ventilation when cooking

Cooking appliances such as gas stoves can contaminate indoor air with nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. It is important to ventilate the kitchen and other nearby rooms after a cooking session.

You can install air conditioning vents near these appliances to circulate air and expel the gases outside the home. If the exhaust fan of your stove is broken, air conditioning repair services can also inspect and repair the issue.

Go green

There are a variety of plants that can purify natural pollutants from indoor air and improve overall air quality. These include plants such as English Ivy, Snake Plant and Bamboo palm.

Combining any of the above techniques with proper air conditioning in the home can result in improved air quality and fewer health complications. Therefore, it is important to consult air conditioning repairs to make sure your unit is working at its optimum level.